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I have organised and participated in various community events and festivals. The page below contains my past events in 2009.



My end-of-year activities for 2009 somehow came together on New Year's Eve, which had a full (blue) moon as well as a solar eclipse. Although the weather looked quite dubious, an intrepid group of labyrinth explorers set out to create a tidal labyrinth at Compton Beach, Isle of Wight. The receding tide had exposed a large, level sand bank far out in the water, and we decided to pitch our labyrinth there. This meant that we had to be extra fast, as there was only a time window of about 3 hours before the tide would come back and take our offering. Our central phoenix installation of death and rebirth was surrounded by water soon after we had walked it...


And yet, it kept burning for quite a while, which was a spectacular sight. Finally, the tide flooded most of the labyrinth and the phoenix was reborn into the water. A hole appeared in the clouds that matched our ceremonial space, as if the phoenix had punched it into the sky. We stood and watched in awe as all our footprints were being washed away:




Summer Solstice brings with it the longest day of the year. Our tidal labyrinth celebrated the life-giving power of the sun and marked this turning point in the seasonal cycle, giving us an opportunity to consciously step over this threshold and reflect on its significance for our personal lives. I set it into the flags which had earlier marked the four directions during a Summer Solstice ceremony with the Wight Druids. 8 additional golden flags honoured the sun, and a red fire flag marked the centre. We left the outside flags in place long after the tide had flooded the labyrinth, which created an interesting ceremonial water space - perhaps to balance all that heat and fire?

Thank you everyone who came during the day and for our drumming session (we joined the global 8000 Drums around the World event) round the bonfire in the evening. Special thanks also to our photographers and marvellous chefs!



A marvellously sunny day and just the right time to call in the summer. So we - a group of more than 30 enthusiastic adults and children - set out to build this sun labyrinth from flint pebbles (fire!) on beautiful Bembridge beach. The tide was out between 10am and about 3pm... during this time, we created, walked, and enjoyed letting others discover this labyrinth. When it was time and the sea reclaimed the beautiful thing they had worked for about 4 hours to create, all the children went "Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!". I love it how they intuitively know that creation and destruction are two sides of the same coin, and have no problem with letting go. As Zorba the Greek would say: "Hey boss, did you ever see a more splendiferous crash?"


The Beach Art Walk event was immaculately timed and organised by artist Gerry Price. Other artists were doing sculptures and other fun projects in various places along the beach, and the whole project was sponsored by the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Sustainable Development Fund. Thank you Gerry and everyone for making this day such a pleasure in every way!


group room at East Dene manor

In Touch with Nature winter retreat with trancedance, a labyrinth and loads of nature in an amazing setting overlooking the sea. Group size limited to 15. Contact me to find out more.


This year, the Aquarius New Moon, which traditionally marks the Chinese New Year, coincided with a solar eclipse that brought to this turning point a quality of complete darkness. I built the labyrinth with white beach pebbles on a patch of newly exposed black sand. There was a window of about 5 hours to create and walk this labyrinth of darkness and light before the turning of the tide... at sunset we gathered the flags, and with the next set of waves the sea came up and licked away the entrance! Over the next few hours, it picked up the labyrinth stones like marbles, allowing them to continue with their tidal dance and their eternal, joyful, rumbling song - while we sat around our fire under the stars and joined in with our whistles and drums.

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