about me

   Eva Wolfram
I was born in Munich and grew up in a village in the Bavarian Alps. Being in nature was our way of life, and my father took me everywhere from the deep ravines to the mountain tops. He taught me how to identify the footprints of a hare in the snow, and that a steep hill is easier to conquer by walking up in serpentines than by climbing up in a straight line...

I am a natural explorer and have followed a variety of paths in my life (one led me to relocate to the Isle of Wight in 1995), but the golden threads of communication and creativity seem to weave themselves through everything I do. I'm an active technical translator and interpreter as well as a hands-on healer. I studied nature-related ways of promoting the evolution of consciousness with pioneering American teacher Wilbert Alix and have facilitated visionary dance journeys for many years.

As I'm getting older and my own vision is clearing I find that all the paths I have taken are leading me back to the gift of knowledge my parents gave me when I was young:

The desire to communicate this truth in a culture which has increasingly alienated itself from its natural environment has fuelled my creative work in recent years. My intention is to stimulate people's contact and communication both with the nature around them and within them. May it be so!